About Us

What Janani does?
  • We carefully select peaceful and secured destinations where the health facilities are located. We ensure healthcare professionals are highly trained in premium institutions around the world. 
  • Transparency and ethical practises are the prime pillars for our organization.
  • We assist patients in selecting quality healthcare provider at the right price.
  • We help you in making a confident and well informed decision by providing no obligation consultation services with the help of best healthcare professionals.
  • Healthcare provider will provide access to your healthcare records, so that you are 'in the know' at every stage.
  • We ensure that post-operative care is available in the country where the procedure is performed.
  • From treatment initiation to reaching back home, a dedicated service coordinator will provide tailored made custom services to meet unique requirements of every single patient.

In compliance with Ontario Disability Act O. Reg. 165/16.(Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005).